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Isn't it strange how so few white people owned any slaves, yet so many black people today have at least one white ancestor?

Hardly any white people back then had any slaves, but the vast majority of black Americans today have some white ancestry. How? We know that slave owners raped slave women, but there were so few white slave owners, so how could the vast majority of blacks today have white ancestry?

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    As a native Marylander descended from George Calvert I undoubtedly had ancestors who owned slaves, and have done some research into it, but this opinion comes from my work as an ER nurse and experience with rape victims.

    Very few men rape, but some few rape many different women. I have more than once seen cases where one man raped as many as a hundred women before being stopped, and I am sure others are never caught.

    Now put men like that in a situation where they can actually buy and own their victims. where they can not only rape and impregnate the woman but make a profit by selling the child. People like that explain your question.

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    You are thinking about the big plantation owners who had many slaves, vs. the small farmer who had only one or two slaves. Not all slave owners raped or had illicit affairs, some of them didn't. 

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    Not really. After all, there weren't that many people on the "Mayflower", but there are plenty of us who are their descendants.

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    You might try re-reading census records. Many small farmers owned 1 or 2 slaves.

    The statistics from DNA show that approximately 25% of Blacks in the US who can trace their family to the 1860's have European Ancestry and approximately 10% of White people in the US who can trace ancestry to the 1860's have black ancestry.

    Not all Slave owners raped slaves any more than all black men rebelled against slavery and raped white women.

    Source(s): 60+ years of doing Genealogical Research
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    I have a 4th great uncle who had children by 4 of his slave women. It happened, a lot.

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    Yes. Only around 30% of white southern families owned slaves.

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      "ONLY"? 30% equates to one out of very three Southern farmers. That's a good sized number.

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    Only 5% of slaves from the trans-Atlantic slave trade came to the mainland North American continent. About 50% went to Brazil and the rest to the Caribbean islands. And by the time the US became a country they stopped allowing people to bring in new slaves from Africa. So the vast majority of blacks who were slaves in the US were born in North America. So it only took a few white people in the beginning having sex with slaves to leave their mark on the ancestory of the rest of the slaves who were born in North America.

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    Because you're an idiot. The further back you go the fewer ancestors there are. Eventually you get down to just one person who is the father of everybody alive today.

    There is nothing unique about discovering you are the descendent of Thomas Jefferson. There are thousands of them and maybe even millions.

    One of the big plot holes in the Davinci Code is that if Christ had any descendants there would be millions of them alive today and not just one.

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      Thomas Jefferson does not have millions of descendants.  And there is a big difference between tracing your ancestry back 200 years and tracing back to "Adam".  

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    Blacks are promiscuous.

    Seems to me MANY Blacks in a town are somehow all cousins.

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    I'm interested in your research concerning white people who owned slaves (how many) and the white blood in the "vast majority" of blacks today.

    That is not my research.

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