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Besides organ harvesting what offenses is China really known for?

I keep reading about the rise of China and I know they show little restraint with their use of surveillance and censorship but could these practices be imposed around the world if China ever “replaces” the US? I know China keeps stepping further and further into the US while claiming their interests are in their own back yard but how bad could it really get? What is realistic to be concerned about?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    China will never take over the USA. What you do need to be concerned about is the dictatorial goals of our own government. Trump keep saying how much he "loves" Kim and Putin and Xi Jinping, he puts children in concentration camp cages, he wants to execute his political opponents for "treason" (when, of course #TreasonTrump and #MoscowMitch are the real traitors), he wants violent, mentally ill people to have gunzzzzz, etc.

    Trump is the threat, not China.

    • Aaron1 month agoReport

      I would definitely not dismiss China. They take full advantage of their grey zone capabilities and are not inhibited at all in oppressing those they can (their own people). Their military propaganda paints a scary picture of their goals in the coming years. The CCP will do anything they CAN do. 

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