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asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 1 year ago

When & why did the News media stop reporting on tabloid crime stories like O.J. Simpson, Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony, etc etc?

remember how every year they had a new crime tabloid story, beginning with Nancy Kerrigan, O.J., Jon Benet, and then went on and on every year a new one. Scot Peterson, Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox and Jodi Arias, Natalee Holloway, Juran Van Der Sloot, etc

I think around 2008 or so they stopped? why maybe? (I think Amanda Knox was like one of the last ones? why?)

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  • 1 year ago
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    Well, I think public mass shootings had a major uptick.......and if you know anything at all about the media........stories don't really count,  unless they can breathlessly report high body counts.  The more dead, the better. 

    So, single victim crimes,  kinda petered out as major news stories,  as they just wasn't enough  "OOOOMPPPPHHH"  in reporting only one measly dead person- 

    and that's when these  MULTI-VICTIM shooting stories  kinda started happening  damn near weekly. 

    Much more dramatic when you have dozens of victims families and survivors to interview. 

    and then, later still.............Trump came along, and damn if he doesn't just suck every last ounce of air out of the room.   If he would just STOP committing crimes, and acting like a BUFFOON for 5 lousy minutes...............maybe news stations  could  squeeze in some other stories once in a while. 

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    1 year ago

    Maybe because the news media is too busy focusing on getting that thing out of our White House!

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    There's so much sensational crime taking place in the White House that they don't have room for any of the rest of that stuff.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    they got Trump instead to do tabloid news on

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