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How to make friends when you’re a homeschooled teenager...?

any advice welcome! how do people make friends outside of the classroom?

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    Join local homeschool groups/co-ops look on Facebook for local groups


    Join local sports teams

    get a job

    volunteer work

    meet people in the neighborhood by taking walks

    join local clubs - drama, quilting, choir, board games, hiking & so on

    take lessons - music, swimming, dance

    Source(s): homeschool parent for over 18yrs
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    You get involved in group activities based on your interest.  As others have noted, that could be a club sport, a volunteer organization, a peer group at a house of worship, or even clubs at your local high school.  In most school districts, a homeschooled student my participate in sports, clubs, or theater productions at the high school they would normally attend.

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    My kids were homeschooled for a few years. They had dance and music lessons with other kids. My son took a science class at the local museum. We where involved in church and they had AWANAs.  My son was into WarHammer and we would take him to the gaming store to play every Saturday. He did that through high school.

    Many of my friends homeschooled.  Kids got together with other kids that were homeschooled. My friend’s daughter rode horses and were at the barn often.

    My kids were done with schoolwork by the time other student were getting home from school. They had the time to meet with friends in the neighborhood.  

    Join a sports team. Check out your park district. Do volunteer work. Our library has a lot of programs for kids and teens. Find other teens who homeschool.

    Get a job at a place where there are a lot of teens working.  McDonald, Panera, Target,

    Get out of the house. Join programs, take lessons

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    Join a youth group at a local (NON-denominational) church.

    The one near me go on overnight camping trips, horseback riding, put on plays for the community to earn funds for their adventures, have parties... etc. If yours doesn't have one, volunteer to start it and run it.

    And above all, be friendly, if you want friends.

    Invite them to go places and do things together. You'll have friends in no time.

    Pray for good ones.... friends that God wants you to have.

    It takes a diamond to cut a diamond.

    Get and keep friends that you admire: those you look up to for their integrity... and they will build you up.

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    (1) Do you take any extra-curricular classes ? Lots of organizations offer these extra-curricular classes (for example- art classes, photography, music classes, sports, writing, etc) for a small fee or for free. That's a good place to have fun and meet people.

    (2) Have you ever considered doing some volunteer work? Again- that would be a good opportunity to contribute to your community as well as meet people.

    (3) Try contacting other homeschooled students in your area. Arrange get-togethers and meet them.

    (4) Local public schools usually allow homeschooled students to attend their after-school activities for free. Contact your local school board and also the public school closest to you.

    Best wishes.

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