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How can I learn to accept my ancestry and not feel shocked anymore?

1bSo I took a DNA ancestry test which came with shocking results. I always knew myself to be of pure Albanian descent. I thought I would be of the E1b1b or of the J2b haplogroups that are found in the Balkans.

Surprisingly I am of the R1b haplogroups and autosomal DNA traces back my ancestry to central Europe, the north of the Balkans and of western Italy.. This is shocking to say the least. Should I inform my parents about this when I travel back to my homeland. But I'm not sure how they will respond lol.

God bless.

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    First of all, the map on these tests isn't reliable for many reasons. You having majority R1b does not tell you anything about where your ancestors came from in the modern context of the world. Everybody in Europe has R1b, just different percentages, because the people of this haplogroup have settled throughout Europe in different points of time in the past. The haplogroup is also found in Africa and other non-European countries. Iberians also have high percentage of R1b, but they also have high percentage of North African haplogroups. Same for Italy. It's safe to say that you simply have a diverse ancestry, like most people do. It's rather rare to find a person with very high percentage of only one haplogroup. I don't see a reason to be this shocked.

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    R1b is the dominant haplogroup in Europe it is really diverse.

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    Borders have changed throughout history. People throughout Europe intermingled all the time.

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    by understanding that people have always travelled and did not leave their genetics nor their libido in the country/village they came from.

    DNA-tests do NOT find your long-deceased ancestors. They find your (distant) cousins that happen to be in the database of the company doing the test - people you share one or more chromosomes with.

    A haplogroup by definition is about just one of your 47 bundles of DNA

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    Don;t get caught up in DNA confusion. There are basically not people who can claim to be of "pure" ancestry left in the world today. Albania has been surrounded by wars for centuries.

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    You were living in a dream world if you thought you were "100%" ANYTHING in Europe. Different ethnic groups have swept in and out of every corner of it, just about, interbreeding with the natives, for thousands of years. The only "pure" ethnic people I can thinkk of in Europe would be the laplanders, up in the extreme north of  Scandinavia, where the soil was too poor and the climate too cold for anyone to want to invade it.

    Don't tell your parents; it would just annoy them.

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    You don't know your ancestry.....DNA tests are purely to entertain you, send off again and you will get completely different results, so stop getting your knickers in a twist..researching and proving from historic written documents is the only way to find your ancestry

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    Google “how accurate are dna tests for ancestry”, it’s not very accurate.  DNA tests are good for determining who are your close relatives or if you are predisposed to certain types of diseases. But there are stories of these companies not being able to determine they were sent dog saliva. Or giving completely different ancestry profiles for identical twins. Or someone sending their sample to 3 different testing companies and receiving 3 very different ancestry profiles. 

    If your goal is to upset your parents then do it, otherwise no. 

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    If you 'always knew' that you were 100% pure Albanian, why would you even take such a test?  

    But really, how can you be 'shocked' to find that you're like 100% of the human race - of mixed ancestry?  For hundreds of thousands of years, people have traveled around and met people from all over the world.  

    We're ALL mixed race.

    If your parents are intelligent people, they'll already be well aware of this.

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      It's not that they aren't intelligent or anything. But it'll come as a surprise to them.

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    Keep it to yourself. No one cares but you.

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