Holidays don't feel the same, have times changed?

This year, Halloween did not feel like Halloween. I went to work that day and on my drive over, I didn't see anyone dressed up in costumes. I got to work and of course there were a few kids that were dressed up but it was a really quiet Halloween. It felt like any other day. Later on in the evening, we only saw a few trick or treaters but it was super quiet around where I live. The best thing we did this year was decorate a table inside of our place with Halloween decorations.


I am a 90's kid so I remember my parents and us going all out for Halloween. Have times changed?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    probably because of the day, next year its in a Saturday so prepare yourself because there will be a lot of kids. When anything is on a workday things are usually slow and parents sometimes can't come home on time to take their kids out but trust me next year is the year

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    yes because they have become too much events for marketing 

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, times have changed. Many towns and small to moderate sized cities now have trick or treat on a different day. Because there have been so ma y cases if  trick ot treat candy bring spiked with glass or drugs, many patents don't take young kids trick or treating or they have parties with people they know. Gated neighborhoods may have a party at a community center. My closest friend and her husband live in gated neighborhood, but her children are in their  30s and one is married with 2 young kids. It turned out both her sons  and her younger sons long time girlfriend had all gone to a Stanford reunion. She and her husband did not hand candy. My senior apartment complex is also pretty quiet. Other than the pet parade contest, which started at 2 pm, and there was no parade. I ended up being judge along with 2 other people who do not currently have dogs. I have 3 cats. I would never put my cats through that. I have very conflicted feelings about cat shows. 

    There's an unwritten rule that grand kids are not encouraged to trick or treat in the complex. This place can be very quiet at night. Its rural enough coyotes go through the parking lot at night. The fire trucks and ambulances turn off their sirens when they turn into the subdivision. There is a city noise ordinance from 9 pm to 9am. 

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