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In Islam, how many wives is acceptable, with the other woman, how does a man marry?

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    islam is like christianity,

    there are billions of followers and way too many differences in sets and people  interpreting scripture differently 

    for example, Uyghur muslims in western china are vastly different than say muslims from Lebanon or muslims from Indonesia 

  • You are only allowed to marry 4 at the same time. All of them must be believers and non-mahram.

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    in Islam, God/Allah allows men up to 4 wives.. but this does not mean a man should go out and seek 4.. majority of men only choose 1 wife.. and in the Quran. Allah has strict rules about marriage.. he also advises to only choose 1.. nowhere in the bible or torah does it say ONLY choose 1.. so the Quran is the only religious book to actually say one... 

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    69 .... lol 😂 it’s a good number

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    in islam 

    there is no limit 

    as the ancient persian ruler kosraw had a harem of 32000 wives and concubins 


    the recent ayatollah 

    set a limit of 4 wives for permanent marriage 

    hope that helped 

    • Mintee
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      there is a limit.. dont post ignorant things.. God tells us in the Quran, the limit is 4.. but with strict conditions.. 

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