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Does a weekly train ticket include a return.?

I’m starting a new job this coming Monday and need to take the train as a daily commute which I haven’t done before. Obviously I need to buy a weekly ticket for travel. Does this include a return to get home from work aswell or do I need to buy a weekly ticket to use on each journey. Greatly appreciated 👍🏻

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    Since the day you are starting work is only the 2nd weekday of the month, you should consider buying a monthly ticket instead of a weekly ticket. Buying 4 weekly tickets takes more time than buying 1 monthly ticket, and may cost more as well. (However, if you're not working the week of Thanksgiving, then buying 3 weekly tickets is probably cheaper than buying a monthly ticket.)

    If you will be going every workday starting

    Where I live, a weekly ticket allows unlimited rides, in both directions, until the day that it expires. (Also, it's good for 7 consecutive calendar days, starting with the day you buy it, so it you buy it Monday, then the last day you can use it is Sunday; you don't get a full 168 hours. It expires at midnight Sunday night, not at the time you bought it Monday.) So you could technically go and return several times a day, but most riders just use it once to go and once to return each day.

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    WHERE on the planet are you riding the train?

    What train system?

    MOST weekly tickets are for rides in both directions.

    ASK when you purchase the ticket. HINT use the human instead of the machine for your first purchase.

    NO ONE can guess what other options are available for fares. Monthly seasonal and annual passes may be a better choice for you.

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    Quote: "Obviously I need to buy a weekly ticket for travel". 

    There's nothing obvious to us about it because we have no clue where in this big world you live and whether you have the option of taking a bus or driving yourself. . And, not knowing what rail system you will be using we cannot know if the weekly ticket includes returns or not. Most do but some don't.

    Incomplete information. FAIL

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    A weekly ticket includes unlimited journeys in either direction between the two stations printed on the ticket. You will need a passport sized photograph to buy your first one.

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      Thankyou very much that’s put me at ease haha

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    I've never heard of a one-way pass, but EVERY situation is different. Contact them.

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