Car won't go above 2,000 rpms?

Only in Drive will it not go past 2000 rpms, in park and neutral car will rev well beyond that, it's a 1988 Chrysler Lebanon, with 51000 miles on it, the only thing low is the is the oil level, could that be all? Also if I sit in park awhile the oil level will drop and go back up as well as the heat temperature

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  • J J
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    9 months ago
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    Engine light on? Yes, get the codes read and get back with the codes. No, fuel filter. I don't know about the oil level, I have a dip stick nothing to tell me the oil level when the engine is running. As for the temp that might have to do with the electric fan coming on and off.

  • bo
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    9 months ago

    could be several things from fuel filter, a bad catalytic converter or transmission problem. time to find a shop and have them diagnosis it for you then go from there

  • 9 months ago

    get some new jeeps

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