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Israelis has your Israel  nation recognize the Greek genocide? ?

Have the Palestinians??? 

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    Why do you need the back up of Zionist state when they are Genociders and Apartheid themselves.

    Ask a descent country not an outlaw country for your cause.

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    I don't know...

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    Israel should recognize the Ottoman genocide of the Christian Greeks ,Christian Armenians and Christian Assyrians. Israel should recognize those genocides even if it creates problems with Turkey;it is because many innocent people died in those genocides.. Wikipedia says of 2019,Israel does not deny or recognize the Armenian genocide.

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    It does not appear that the Israel officially recognizes the Greek Genocide. This isn't a surprise, given its similarity and overlap with the Armenian Genocide: Both were Turkish-led campaigns that took place in the early 20th Century. If I had to guess, I think the issue isn't a disbelief in the events that happened in Greece but that the state is engaging in realpolitik just like they do with the Armenian Genocide. The Israelis recognize that acknowledging the Armenian Genocide will strain things with the Turks, who for a while were their only window into the Islamic world and a vital economic ally. While Turkey isn't that important anymore, it's still holds a lot of relevance so they don't piss them off. As both involve the Turks as the hostile party, the reasoning for non-recognition of the Armenian Genocide clearly can be applied here.

    In reality, Israelis do NOT deny the Armenian Genocide individually. The State doesn't officially recognize it but also doesn't teach the opposite (only Turkey and Azerbaijan outright deny it), and a lot of people are cognizant that the Turks have this dark history. It also helps that a lot of Israelis support Knesset bills which would recognize that genocide. I'm sure if they are told about the Greek Genocide, they'll be just as incensed that they can't recognize it as they are with the Armenian one. Independent of the politically-tied Israel, Holocaust remembrance and research institutions recognize the Armenian one, and I can't imagine they do anything different with the Greek Genocide.

    Unfortunately the Greek Genocide isn't as well known about, and the article on Wikipedia outlines some reasons for this. This involves Greece's attempts to normalize things with Turkey following WWII and the perception that seeking condemnation would've put too much strain on the nations that should've been allies during the Cold War. Even some things post-WWI contributed to this, when Israel wasn't even independent and could officially comment on this. There are elements which make the Greek Genocide very unrecognized compared to the Armenian Genocide, and Israel by far isn't the only one who doesn't recognize it: The UN and EU seem to not recognize it either.

    I don't have a direct answer to whether or not the Palestinians recognize the Greek Genocide, but it appears that they don't recognize the Armenian one so I can't imagine that they do. From what I can tell, so many groups unfortunately don't recognize this tragedy.

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    Did you know that in the New Testament the Greek is the ultimate representative of gentiles. 

    "To the Jew first and then the Greek!"

    You are listening to fake news again. I don't believe in fake news. Let's make Israel great again! 

    Source(s): Orthodox Jew
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    If you would be a Greek, you would know the answer....

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