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Why is Solomon called the wisest kingdom, when his wisdom failed him and his failures ultimately caused the great division of Israel?

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    He failed because he had sinned a lot of woman being wives concubines and he becane crazy beung punished by God .But the contract of people with God is a sin also it was something required by people in case they had whom to rule but wasn t ibliged to pay taxes from afood also with comercial ammount added 300-1000%.

    He was a rules until he coulf no more rule that s all you must becresponsible we payed for  these 2 kings with a lot of gansters at govermemt killung people .

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    Well, for starters, wise isn't infallible. Solomon wasn't perfect and could still make mistakes which would've divided the kingdom. In addition, wise doesn't mean clairvoyant. He may not have seen all the problems which led to the division no matter how smart he was. 

    However, it didn't divide under him. It divided after his rule, so the bigger blame should be given to his son and successor. Perhaps Solomon should've seen that coming, or perhaps he recognized it was inevitable and his actions while king mitigated some of the fallout. Part of the issue isn't related to the king but to the differences between Judah and the other Tribes, which can be seen elsewhere in the Bible (both in the text and metatextually). Solomon didn't have a popular successor, so problems were going to happen. Furthermore, a huge issue is not just the royal family but the other people of Israel. One party isn't responsible for keeping everything whole, and a lot of the people who left the unified kingdom did so due to their own desires.

    There are also arguments that there are some theological reasons as to why the kingdom fractured, meaning that no matter how wise Solomon was it had to happen. 

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    his wisdom was more in beauty Not in Big Truth like G-d's wisdom in Torah...

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    His Ayrab name was Sulimon. All jews are ayrabs trying to bamboozle us with fake data.

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    Solomon was a very wise person, and gifted from God, he was the king of magicians and portrayed by Jesus as teacher of wisdom.

    Like now, Israelite tribes were always fighting for different point of views.

    The history will return, and Zionists will destroy the temporary state of Israel.

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    What is a "wisest kingdom"?

    Also, explain.

    Source(s): Raishis Chochma Yiras Hashem
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    he isn't..................

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    Er......Because he never really existed, and it's all allegorical?

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