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How will genetic engineering of humans affect religion?

When humans are genetically engineered they are enhanced in many different ways. Some good examples are intelligence, beauty, and height. I am sure that this will have some affect in religion because in a world of genetically enhanced people, they will be superior to everyone. 

Will this sort of thing have some affect on religion due to their superiority? 

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    What if they believe in a super-religion to go with their super-intellects? One that promotes the super-genocide of the non-super-normies who get in their way? :op

    Genetic engineering is going to be an important tool in the future although how it is used is going to be a contentious matter for a long time. There are two kinds of engineering you can undertake:

    Correcting flaws.

    Alteration of natural capabilities

    The first kind is usually (but not universally) accepted. The right of every Human being to grow up healthy, independent and free from the shackles of hereditary illness should be something worth striving for. 

    The second kind is the kind you're talking about. Making someone stronger than nature. Smarter than nature, more charismatic than nature, more rational than nature, more beautiful than nature. People who really are plain better than us in every way.

    Most (but not all) are against this kind of future. Correcting problems in our genes is one thing, that's an act of medicine - to cure someone of an illness. This is crossing over into cosmetics, deliberately removing our human limitations -  doing things that have no need to be done. To use an old expression, this is playing god.

    You don't have to make people better either. People seem to overlook the ability genetic engineers to then make humans dumber, weaker, more gullible, more compliant, more obedient. Most authoritarian regimes in the world would be FAR more interested in these options for humanity's future.

    With genetics restricted to medical procedures, no change to religion would take place. However if used cosmetically, you could design humans to be hyper-religious. Or you could design them to be extremely rational and resistant to any from of supernaturalism. There is weak but positive evidence that there is a genetic basis for how persuaded people can be by religion so an understanding of these genes certainly gives you a canvas to paint on.

    But even so, making someone genetically predisposed to hyper-religion doesn't mean they will ever be religious. Nurture events and peer pressure in their life may still make them irreligious and cynical. Conversely, just because you made someone genetically resistant to belief, doesn't mean they won't find some means to worship a religion in their own way. We are not total slaves to our genes.

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    When humans are genetically engineered they are no longer created in the image of Go and they cannot be redeemed, just like the fallen angles and all those in Noah's days that were also modified.

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    I think the fact that we already have some people with superior intellects that still believe, demonstrates irrationality is at play, something that will plague beings that have emotions.

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    It's already proven that the more intelligent a person is, the less likely they will believe in a religion. So if people are genetically engineered to be more intelligent, religion will fade away even faster.

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    Religious people always fit everything into their belief system so it wont affect it at all.

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    It depends on how ethical the people who do the engineering are. If they could mess with our brains to prevent us from thinking for ourselves, they can just as easily make us all atheists as they would be able to make us all Methodists.

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    The only thing our scientists will achieve in their genetic experiments on living creatures will be creating inferior lifeforms from the already perfected lifeforms created by our Intelligent Designer to co-exist on planet earth including us modern humans. This will lead to them changing the course of evolution of life on earth for the worse not better. All our human scientists will achieve will be turning planet earth into The Island of Doctor Moreau. What a great future that will be for our great, great grandchildren. We must stop these experiments before it's too late to reverse the genetic mistakes we will regret making to the lifeforms our Intelligent Designer created including us modern humans.

    Source(s): The God Yahweh our Intelligent Designer and the missing link in the chain of evolution and is the single common ancestor of all life on earth.
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    It'll prove that we come from 2 African people named Adam and Eve

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    Genetic engineering of humans have been around since the dawn of time but in lesser extent which is done by what they eat an drink.

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    zero, you give wayyyyyyyy too much credit to science, and little to God

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