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will Trump be impeached? how soon and why think so?

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    I think he will be impeached, but not removed from office, and I think it will happen between the primaries and general election.

    I think he'll be impeached partly because the polls are showing more and more Americans moving in that direction.  Though, bad news for D's, so far the polls show that swing state voters are opposed to impeachment.  Which may end up being very significant.

    But the D's main voter base wants impeachment so bad that it's probably impossible for them not to do it.  Not doing it would demoralize their own voters, resulting in no one showing up to the polls in 2020 which would be a disaster for them.  Remember, several House Democrats indicated that they considered their 2018 victories to be a mandate to impeach.  This was before they had any evidence at all as the Mueller report wasn't even out yet.

    However, in the Senate, you need 20 Republicans to vote to remove in order to make it happen.  That's ALOT.  To get 20 R's to vote against their own party's President you need an act that is absolutely unquestionably impeachment fodder.  And unfortunately, what we have is more 'eye of the beholder' type impeachment fodder.  I think he should be impeached, but I can see how someone might think the opposite if they're giving every benefit of the doubt.  So 20 R's in the Senate is a tall order.

    As to timing, I think there's alot of ways to look at the strategy.  If *I* were advising the D's I would say that I want the R's voting in the Senate AFTER the primary so that if impeachment happens, the R's have no time to raise up a credible candidate, yet I DO NOT want this thing dragging into the general election when people might get impeachment fatigue or when a failure to get it done might backfire on me and demoralize my base without me having enough time to re-energize them for the polls.

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      oh ok, thanks for explaining that & your good thorough answer!

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    Nope no evidence ...........

  • Tepee
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    1 month ago

    I think the idiotic DemocRATs will fail again.

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    I think the is still glimer of honor and ethics in the Democratic Party. I think things will move to the Judiciary Committee, out from under Schiff. There, there will be a more even-handed evaluation of the facts. They will vote to close the witch hunt.

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  • Anonymous
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    The democrats have been on their impeachment witch hunt for more than 2 years now with no success. I don’t think their odds have improved.

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    There is no reason to do so.

  • Mandy
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    Of course, he won’t be.  Why do people keep asking this question, when everyone knows that the Senate is too chicken **** to do the right thing and vote to remove him from Office.  I do not understand the reason for asking the same question over and over.

  • Anonymous
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    As soon as all the witnesses have been heard. Because it's clear that he has extorted a foreign country for his personal benefit.

    @atheist: Narrow? LOL. 218 would have been narrow.

    @☺: Look up "impeachment." You seem to think it's removal from office. It's not.

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    Who knows. The vote to proceed was narrow.

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