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Question for train engineers and conductors: How many times have you hit someone and do you become desensitized by it after awhile?

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    ONCE was one time too many.

    Some engineers never work again. Some are back at the job a day or two later.

    Nightmares may last for a week or years.

    As they are HUMANS each responds in a unique way to viewing a body bouncing off their windshield or picking out body parts from the train mechanisms.

    Do you really think that a car driver , a truck driver or any other driver gets used to killing people as they go about their day of work.

    Do you really think the passengers that watch the entertainment of the clean up process party it up whilel waiting?

  • AndyF
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    1 month ago

    desensitized? - No.

  • 1 month ago

    Around where I live all of them could be desensitized. Trains came straight from Satan himself. The people that run them are took into a room and prayed demons into them by witches. So the engineers and conductors are working influenced by satan and guided by him 

  • 1 month ago

    Idk man k man sorry buddy

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