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are black chickens called chiggers? My brother seems to like calling them that, but he's an incel, so I don't know if i can trust him. Is h?

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    Your racism and mental health are disturbing - isn't this something you posted in answer to man who would like to have a son and not a daughter?  "The first thing you need to do, is cut off her nips, this will prevent her from passing them on to her offspring, causing them to be a male."

    Know how you don't like to be called retarded?  That's how I feel about your question.

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      I am sorry for your loss, I too have lost many friends to death.

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    Actually... they prefer to be called Chegroes

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    Your brother is wrong.  Chiggers are a kind of mite.  Black feathered chickens are simply called black chickens.  :-)

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    Trolling is such fun, isn't it?

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    no they are not. i am sorry u have such a retard for a brother

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