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Should the USA make English and Spanish co-official languages (like what Canada did with English and French)?



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    The problem with that is that French is only spoken in Quebec and most Canadians do not speak French, but everything you buy in Canada, right down to toothpaste, has to have English on one side and French on the other. It is a huge waste.

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    No, because it's the smaller languages that need support. It would be nice if individual states, counties, villages or even just highschools would adopt a secondary or tertiary language - and make it co-official. Similar to how all Finns have to learn some Swedish

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    No, because all the Spanish speakers aren't even legally here in the first place

    Troll account: No, the democrats gave free citizenship to those who ran across the Mexican border, so they don't actually count.

  • Of course not. English is the language of America. Canada only made French an official language because of Quebec. There is no comparable situation here.

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