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Kylie Minogue, former 1980s singer, why did this doll not popular?

She use to be really big in the 1980s and tried to come back in the early 2000s and then she disappeared. 


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    She was never popular in the United States. She was a big star in her country and the UK. 

    In the US, she is a one hit wonder. Her biggest hit was the locomotion which was a cover. 

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    Lol, what happened to that other woman?

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    She's internationally famous and has had top 10 songs in every decade since the 80's. She hardly unknown nor has she disappeared. She took several years off to deal with a cancer diagnosis and now she's cancer free. She's still doing live shows and still selling out large venues. She just released an album of all her greatest hits and in these days of Spotify and streaming music it's selling very well. She's hardly unknown or obscure.

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    see you found someone else too stalk

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