Anyone Jew Here?

So I was wondering, the jew, did u guys believe that you are the best humankind. I hope u don't get any offense by that.

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    I am Jewish. As a nation and people we do believe that we are the best example of humanity and God favors us over the rest of the world. God doesn't love us more because we have superior genetics or more intelligent or wealthy that anyone else, His love for us is based on our service and devotion to Him. We are a people who have been set aside to be holy and righteous in the world. We have a unique mission. 

    Those closest to God have more affection and love from God than those who hate God and curse Him daily. With that said, a righteous gentile may be more favored than a Jew who does not keep any of the commandments. God still loves every Jew but hates the sin. However when the Jew does his mission properly he is more desired and favored that a righteous gentile because a Jew has a greater spiritual connection and attachment to God than non-Jews. We have more commandments. God gives more but expects more from us. 

    If the non-Jew truly loves God and wishes to cleave to God it is better for him to convert to Judaism because then he can have the closest intimate relationship with God in the world and a higher reward. However it is better for a non-Jew to keep only 7 commandments than break all 613 commandments and have no place in the afterlife! If a non-Jew is up to the challenge he should climb as high as possible. But God does not command non-Jews to convert so it is a choice and up to them.

    Judaism isn't for everyone. Some people are unable to convert because Judaism is too hard to keep or because they have mental health problems. That is ok. Not everyone has a Jewish soul. If a person has a Jewish soul it is because their mission in this world is to follow Judaism. Their path is not always to be a priest or Israelite but to go through the Journey of conversion. People born Jewish are not given a choice but those who choose conversion do so because they love God. 

    A non-Jew can achieve a higher reward than a Jew if he lives to the highest level of righteousness possible as a non-Jew than a Jew who only keeps a few commandments. In the end it all comes down to action. A person can have a lot of potential but if he doesn't use his talents it is wasted. A person can also have no talent at all but through tenacity and hard work achieve greatness although he is disadvantaged. Everyone has a different path to walk. Some people love God more than others. 

    When it comes to the infirm and disabled there isn't much difference between a Jew and non-Jew. Ofcourse a disabled Jew may have more opportunities to do good things by being in a Torah environment compared to a disabled person who has no opportunity to do so. They will receive a reward but this lifetime is a reincarnation and  are sent here to complete what they missed in a previous lifetime sometimes just a few commandments. Then their souls find contentment in the world to come or are sent on another mission to live an additional life. 

    No one is here by accident. There are no extras. Extras are in movies. Every single person has a purpose. If they didn't have a purpose they wouldn't exist. 

    Source(s): Orthodox Jew
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      God calls people who are gentiles as son or daughter, just like He did in OT, listen to testimonies. No one comes to Father except through Jesus.

  • My mother's side of the family is Jewish. Moses did not teach that the Jews are the only chosen people; the correct definition of the chosen people of God as taught by Moses is an open invitation to each person to be a chosen son of God by obedience, by maintaining justice, by applying one measure or one law for Jews and Non-Jews, for taking care of the orphans, the widows, and the strangers. It is impossible to know what Jews really thought thousands of years ago, we can only infer from their text. 

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      Another time. If you are interested we'll talk. Why don't you ask a question and I'll answer? Not today but another time. 

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    My great grandparents were jews and my grandparents were as well, not talked about much because of WW11. As far as i can see they are no better and no worse than other people. I never grew up jewish but am probably more jewish than I know.

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      So, did Jews believe that? They are the best? Don't get me wrong I really interested to jews

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    I doubt they will find that offensive.

    They know, as we all know, that nobody

    comes close to the arrogance of christians.

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    No, I'm British/Celtic (both sides of family). However, Jews are found around the world & only 2% of the population. The more Jews a nation has, the better off they are. For instance, there are more Jews in New York than all of Israel. As a people, there are more Doctors, Scientists, Musicians, Lawyers (they love the Law), Engineers & Teachers than any other group of the population. Aren't you glad that you're Jew??

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      Jews account for about 2% of the US population.  There are only about 13 million Jews worldwide, out of a world population estimated to be 7.7 BILLION, or about 0.2% of the world population.

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