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New York Post article says, "Californians created their current apocalypse." Do you agree or disagree? ?


Why have 10 of the state’s 20 largest, most deadly fires ever occurred in the last decade? Because its forests are now twice as dense as they were 150 years ago — when the population was a fraction of today’s.

Behind that unnatural density: state and federal rules that make it nearly impossible (and insanely expensive) to lay a finger on any of this precious overgrowth.

Green sentiment has beaten back the timber industry, which might have put life-saving access roads into wild areas. It has prevented controlled burns (for fear of disrupting animal habitats) and barred even minor brush-clearing programs.


When last summer’s disastrous fire killed 85, the state found reason to blame PG&E — which was sued into bankruptcy and is still deep in Chapter 11. (Utilities that aren’t privately owned, meanwhile, don’t face the same liability under California law.) Hence its precautionary blackouts now.



California’s Forestry Department would like to double its amount of tree and brush thinning over the next five years — but isn’t sure it can. Its deputy director, Helge Eng, sees “a significant public education campaign ahead of us as foresters to get the public to understand” how dangerously unnatural it is to not thin out forests.

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    You are spot on in your description of the problem. However, it goes out beyond the boundaries of California. The Clinton administration stopped all grooming AND it also stopped the maintaining of access roads. These were well kept before and if a fire started, then they could get men and equipment to the fire pronto. 

    Trump withheld funds to California last year due to the fires and lack of grooming. Gavin promised he would groom and Trump released the funds. Very little, if anything, has been done in this department.

    As to the animals getting killed when they control burn, yes that is so. Some do but the fires that occur are small enough when groomed and are much less in number than when a large forest fire occurs. There usually is no escape for a very large number of these animals due to the size, shape, and speed of the advancement of the fire.  Also, consider this, when you control burn you usually have many men there. These men usually scare most of the animals away before they light any fire.

    Environmentalists have proven to be against mother nature.

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    Get rid of all plastic bags and you will stop global warming, its that simple


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    new york post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I wouldn't wipe my butt with that rag

    republicans will believe anything......idjits

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      Yeah, whatever you say Dirac sock puppet account. Whatever you say!

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    They let them fish in a pond with 3 fishes...  If your lake is running out of water, you don't allow people to water their "EGO" grass...  It's quite easy to set someone up to fall..  we are famous for it... and you are too ignorant to stop..

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    I would say Californians helped create their current apocalypse.  Some places have tidal waves.  Some places have hurricanes.  Some places have tornadoes.  California has earthquakes and fires.  We would have them no matter what but environmentalist wacko policies have made it far worse.  

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      Dirac thinks people are dumb enough to facilitate his paycheck here. Ha ha ha!!!!!

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    If Forestry want to thin the brush why would I, a finance guy, try to tell them their job? That would make me no better than the stable genius.

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    i dont think its their fault, stuff just happens

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