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Is it weird that I still sleep with a teddy bear for anxiety? ?

I am 26 and I have anxiety. I sleep with a teddy bear because it makes me feel comfortable and safe while laying down in bed. Is it weird that I sleep with a teddy bear for anxiety? Should I part ways with my teddy bear? 

Thank you! 

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    Anxiety is a serious issue, so anything that helps it should be welcomed. I think it's a shame that society judges people for stuff like that, we're all different, just because most adults wouldn't sleep with a teddy doesn't mean you shouldn't. I still have plenty of cuddly toys myself, they're not usually in my bed, but I still like having them around. If anyone ever came in and teased me over it, I'd kick them out before they knew what was happening.

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    Never be ashamed of who you are, my grandma still sleeps with a teddy bear and no one has problem with that. Anxiety is serious and many different people have many different ways of dealing with it. 

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    I have anxiety issues and I often have nightmares so I still sleep with my trusty stuffed bunny named Mr. Sparkles. I'm 22 and I don't see anything wrong with it, if it's comforting you then forget about what other's think. Your well-being and emotions come first before other peoples. :)

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    No, I know plenty of people who still sleep with their beloved stuffed animals! It's perfectly fine and it's good that it helps your anxiety!

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    I think you should seek help from a professional instead of asking strangers on the internet. My personal opinion, if you feel strong enough to continue your battle with anxiety without it, do it. It'll pay off in the long run.

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    Not at all! If that makes you feel better, who cares if it is "weird" or not? We all have our way to calm down our anxiety

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    As long as you are not having sex with it, it's questionable but understandable.

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    Whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own bed is fine.  Keep the bear.

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    No. It’s fine. You’re not hurting anybody by doing it and it’s fine. Keep doing it. You’re probably very intelligent and creative. So you don’t have to follow everybody else. Conformity is not necessary.

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