What’s a good computer for college student? ?

I just started college and I need a computer to take to class. I won’t need it to play games or anything that is too much for it to handle. What are some good options? I mostly use it to write essays and search up stuff and also PowerPoint and stuff like that. My limit is 600$. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    I would look on Craigslist and find a relatively recent computer for about $200.

    First, if it's Core or later (Core 2 Duo, etc.) it will run Windows 10 and do everything  you want.  8 gigs of memory is the 'sweet spot' but you can run fine (if a little slower) on 4 gigs.  You might spend an extra $50 on an SSD, which will make it boot quicker and run faster.  That's really all you need for Internet, note taking, speadsheets, word processing, or whatever a student needs.

    Secondly, carrying a computer with you to school puts it at risk.  They get bumped around a lot, plus there's a goodly chance of it getting stolen.  I wouldn't spend a lot on a fancy-schmancy new 8th generation i7 with 32 gigs because you'll just feel worse when it gets ripped off or you drop it.  With a $600 budget you could buy THREE of these things!

    HP and Dell are my favorite brands, because they're easier to work on.  But most laptops never need work.

  • Who
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    1 month ago

    a "good" computer is any computer that akloows you to do what you need to do

    (and I stress- "need to do" not what you "want to do")

    I spent around 100$ and got a computer perfect for what you say you "need to do"

    (You gonna write essays in "class"? - if you dont then why "need" to take a computer with you?)

  • di
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    1 month ago

    Factor a case into your pricepoint.  Whether you end us with an ASUS or an Apple, they break when dropped, they cease to function when introduced to spilled beverages, etc.

  • John
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    1 month ago

    My grandson is a sophomore in college, and he uses a basic Gateway laptop.  He spent about $250 for it at WalMart, and it works fine for his classes.  He has to use Microsoft Office (including Power Point) frequently.  He does not do any art or graphics work on the machine, though.

    He also has a Chrome book which he uses as a backup.  

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  • juliet
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    1 month ago

    I think Macbooks are worth every penny. The Air is cheap and light. I'm in college and i love my macbook air!

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    1 month ago

    Here are laptops under $600 at Best Buy:

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    With $600, you're going to have to just find a good deal on a laptop. It doesn't matter very much which one- they all have about the same capabilities, and all will do what you need to do. If you had more money, I'd recommend a Macbook Air. They're dependable, light to carry around, not as prone to viruses, and easier to use. But they're more expensive. You need to start with your college bookstore- they usually have discounts for students.

  • 1 month ago

    You can get by with a tablet, or a "netbook" computer.

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