How is what grade level a book is written at determined?

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    The usual way if to apply a "fog" index.....

    The most common one is the Flesch- Kincaid readability formula, which uses the number of words, the number of sentences, and the number of syllables to come up with a number that approximates the grade at which the material should be understandable.

    There are other "fog indexes" that help editors and writers ensure that their intended audiences can read the material, but the F-K one is about the easiest to use for most people and it does get close to the actual grade.

    But it's not necessarily true that someone with a high grade level can read better than someone with a low grade level.....

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      Also remember rdg that most print media (newspapers, magazines, etc) are written at an 8th gr level so that most adults can comprehend them.

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    There are formulas that include the length of the words, length of the sentences, number of dependent clauses and other factors that are fairly accurate at determining the reading level of a passage of text. Textbooks at the k-12 level are written at the level readers should have at that point. That doesn't mean that all students in a particular grade will be reading at the same level-some will be reading ahead of that level and some will be behind, and will need some help in comprehending the text. At the college level, no one checks the reading level. Books are written by professors, and students are expected to put in the work to understand the books. I have seen some awful examples of poorly written textbooks- the only thing you can do is complain on the student evaluation.

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    There are different scales used to determine this. They consider such things as word counts and the average number of syllables in words, multiplied by pre-determined formulae.

    See one common scale below:

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    The author and the book editor decide upon that.

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      You still need to run it thru a formula to make sure you're hitting the intended target audience. Can't have a book for 2nd graders with a high school vocabulary in it. Kids will get frustrated if they don't know the meaning of every other word in a book.

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