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Can a horse fit through a 4' x 5' vertical tube?

This horse also has wings. There is a ladder and two very strong men who can assist. Can the horse physically fit through?

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    Sure.  If a baby horse can fit through a vagina a 4' x 5' tube will be no problem.  His wings may fall off though.  :-(

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    Perhaps.  But WILL it?  probably not.

    If the wings are big enough to be useful, they'll just get it the way.

    Two men can't lift a 1,000 pound horse, and the ladder won't help the horse.  He'd probably break his legs on it.  If he had a human brain and could figure out to hook his front hooves over the rungs, it still wouldn't work - those front pasterns aren't made to support his weight that way,  Then, even if they did, he lacks the range of motion necessary to get his front legs out of one rung and onto the next.  

    The only possibility is a standing leap straight up.  The chances of it getting out safely that way are near 0.

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    It depends on what size pieces you cut it into.

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