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Has anyone else gotten pvps?

I had a vasectomy 2 months ago. I’ve been in constant pain. My epididimes feel sore and full and there is a burning, aching feeling nonstop. Ejulation feels like someone is crushing my testicles. I am probably going to have to pay $8,000 out of pocket to get a reversal to try to fix this. Insurance won’t cover it because they don’t want to risk paying for more babies; they will pay for me to keep cutting away more and more parts to try to fix it though.

My dr never wanted me about pvps before my surgery. Did anyone else have this happen to them? From wht I’ve read like 1-2% have chronic pain afterwards; no one told me about that. How is this legal or ethical for drs to not give you all the information prior to performing an elective surgery?

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    It's very unethical for the doctor to not have warned you of potential complications before the procedure. I don't know what the law is over in the US, but here in the UK doctors are legally required to inform patients of vasectomy complications (as well as any other elective surgery) - I know because I was going to have a vasectomy a few years back but decided against it when the doc informed me of potential PVPS.

    It might be worth getting legal advice or looking up the laws on this one yourself. You might be entitled to claim some compensation which could go towards fixing it. In the mean time it might be worth trying some pain relief medication if you haven't already.

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    I have health insurance but they won’t cover it; even though I would be getting a reversal for pain relief they look at it only as a firtility thing and don’t want to pay if I have more kids later.

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    theres help out there for people that cant afford medical stuff, ive had 5 surgeries without health insurance, one is the indigent care program, i would ask your doctor about it

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