Is it cheating to read comics?

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    1 month ago
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    I don't understand what you mean by cheating. There aren't as many words as a novel, but there's nothing wrong with having pictures, and your mind can still fill in the gaps with pictures, when you are given snapshots. If you are given a project or are required to do a report based on the reading of a book, then I'm pretty sure that your instructor might see it as cheating. It might be debatable, though your instructor might be able to give you the stronger argument or reasoning. Reading encourages reading, so that's a positive aspect in and of itself... though I would also say that there can be a lot of words, and also a lot of nonsense.

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    Only if school gives a.r. points for reading comics.

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    Reading comics teaches you new words and broadens your storytelling mind yeah

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    I read them daily, part of my morning routine

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