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I want to lose weight but I can't seem to work up the energy to do it. Tips? ?

I'm 25 and I weigh close to 190. I want to drop my weight down to around 140 so that I look and feel healthier. I keep telling myself that I want to do it but I can't seem to give myself the boost I need to do it. I have been watching what I eat and I am trying to get a better night's sleep. I've also been drinking water. When it comes to exercise, I am tired when I leave work and I don't have energy to work out. It's a desk job so it's very easy to put on weight. I've thought about keeping a photo of myself on my phone to look at for motivation on what not to look like. Any tips?

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    You don't have to exercise in order to lose fat. It does speed fat loss and is better for your overall health, if you are active, but it's not mandatory. 80% of fat loss is based on your diet (what you eat and how much).

    Something else of interest is that exercise actually gives you energy. If you eat right and are getting enough rest, being more active can help you feel better over all and not be so tired after work. Even something like going for a 20 - 30 min brisk walk is a start (and good for your general health).

    Something I've done before is to keep a pedal exerciser under my desk so I can sit and pedal as I work. It's a way to burn a few extra calories without having to take time out for a dedicated workout. You can also make little changes like parking as far from the door to the building as possible (and the same goes for when you go to stores) so you get extra steps walking to/from the building or store. Take stairs instead of elevators, do leg lifts or squats while standing in line or waiting for your toast to pop up or while you pump gas. Find ways to fit activity into your day while you're doing your usual things. You'll be surprised how much exercise you can squeeze in without ever doing a dedicated workout.

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    As another answer noted, weight loss is 80% diet.  Watching what you eat is the first step.  Now you need to take the next couple of steps:

    1.  Depending on your height, you probably need to eat about 1300-1500 calories a day to lose weight.  Find a diet/eating plan that you can stick to based on your food preferences, cooking skills, and budget.  Follow that eating plan.

    2. Download an app like MyFitnessPal or Lose It! Track everything you eat or drink. Measure your food -- get a food scale.  Yes, this is a hassle, but most of us are really bad at "guesstimating" portion sizes.  

    3. As for exercise, consider following a streaming or DVD workout at home.  Yes, you still need to do it, but if you just turn it on an the instructor and background music start, it really it pretty mindless to follow along.  Biochemically, you will feel happier and more energetic if you do -- exercise increasing blood and oxygen saturation as well as increase the release of dopamine.

    4. Now is the time to give up junk food, snack food, highly processed food, and soft drinks (even diet, sorry).

    5. You can eat 6 cups of fresh veggies every day and still have over 1,000 calories of other foods to eat.  Veggies have fiber and nutrients so they can really help keep your tummy full.

    6. Allow of backsliding and plan ahead for special occasions.  Don't look at it as cheating.  You have complete control over what you do and do not put in your mouth or whether you exercise or don't.  Each day you get to choose whether you will do X or Y dozens of times.  As you start to see results, you will see that when you answer "yes" to the question "will this help me become the person I want to be?" you will succeed.

    Good luck. 

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    I am 5'10 and 183lbs. I shave my head due to unattractive hair loss. When I gain weight, it goes straight to my gynecomastia and face. I look disgusting 190lbs or higher. That's my motivation. Before I lost my hair, my normal weight was 230lbs. I could get away with being obese when I had hair. I can't get away with it anymore.

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    Eat mostly fruits and vegetables and eat as much as you want. You will reach your desired weight within a year.

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