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Why is it a bad thing that the earth's simple, unintelligent barbarians are becoming extinct?

Sharks - Endangered.

-Responsible for countless brutal maulings along the coasts and once in a while in open waters.

Lions, Tigers and Leopards and Jaguars-


- Responsible for countless brutal maulings on the plains, and in forests and jungles.

Hippos - Vulnerable.

-Responsible for countless brutal maulings around lakes and rivers.

Rhinos- Endangered.

- Responsible for countless rammings, tramplings and gorings and impalements.

Dolphins - highly intelligent.

Conservation status is least concern.

Behavior toward humans - Cuddly

Food - exact same as a sharks food.

Orcas - highly intelligent.

Conservation status - least concern.

Behavior toward humans - Generally Cuddly.

Food - exact same as a sharks food.

So how is it bad, that human intelligence and human desires is simply changing the natural world ?

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    Interesting. Factually incorrect, but interesting. This explains why you are a patient/client of Springwoods (in Arkansas) and I am not.

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