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Does God perhaps have different attributes then ascribed to Him by men?

For instance.  He's claimed to be omnibenevolent (all-loving), omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omniprents (everywhere simultaneously.

If he is all powerfull and all loving and is everywhere simulataneously then why does he allow evil to occur?  This would negate him from being all loving, unless he's not present to stop the evil then he's not omnipresent, unless he doesn't have the power to prevent evil, then he not all-powerful.

We must conclude either (a) God does not exist or (b) God does not carry the attributes typically ascribed to him.

I go with (B).  What do you say?

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    You're correct.

    What does all-loving even mean? Please do not feed the philosophers. They take things to silly extremes.

    God is not all-loving. He loves us more than we can imagine, however.

    He is not omniscient. The Bible does not claim that he is. He has a great information network, however, and he generally knows what's going on in the universe.

    He is not omnipotent in the sense of being able to do everything imaginable. He is omnipotent in the sense that he is the single most powerful beings we shall ever encounter.

    He is not omnipresent. At all. He just knows what's going on.

    The question remains as to why God allows evil to occur, even if he is not as people pretend him to be.

    First, God has to allow us to do good so he can bless and reward us. He can't be arbitrary about these things; he is as bound by eternal laws as we are by natural laws. He has to let us do good.

    The problem is that the ability to do good is also the ability to do evil. God can't stop evil without also stopping good (the two abilities can't be separated), and that would destroy his plan for our happiness and salvation. God has to let us do evil, if that is what we insist on doing. Normally he can only step in when entire societies become irredeemably corrupt.

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    A person can better comprehend the Infinite Mysteries of God by reciting the rosary every day with care. Without sin there could be no victory over sin.

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    1) Does God perhaps have different attributes then ascribed to Him by men?

    Certainly he does not (logically, CANNOT) have all of the attributes ascribed to him by men.

    For example:

    2) He's claimed to be omnibenevolent (all-loving)

    Recent attrribution

    that I've only seen from non-Christians.

    The Bible does not teach such a thing

    and the word "omnibenevolent" is very vague, of recent origin, and definitely NOT traditionally ascribed to God.

    The Bible is CLEAR and EXPLICIT that God does NOT love all. Example passage:

    3) We must conclude either (a) God does not exist or (b) God does not carry the attributes typically ascribed to him.

    I go with (B). What do you say?

    I say: one of the attributes that YOU have ascribed to God, one that is fundamental to your argument, is NOT an attribute normally ascribed to God by Christians.

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    Our capacity to fully understand Him is so limited that any attempt is futile. This is why we are saved by FAITH, because we do not have the ability to fully comprehend an infinite God.

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    First of all, human beings cannot give God attributes and human beings are imperfect where as God is completely perfect. And because God has no beginning, no ending, which makes Him Unconditionally Perfect.

    If people have done so, they have committed falsehood and evil assumptions than the truth. Furthermore, God gave Himself the Most Perfect Names, the Most Beautiful Attributes and chose for Himself, and named Himself these Perfect, Beautiful Attributes called Asma Al-Husna. Asma Al-Husna belongs to God alone and perfectly unique which means no one else can be called after these Perfect Attributes at the highest degree which is only reserved for God. And my Lord revealed 99 of His Beautiful Names to mankind.

    God is Al-Wadud, The Most Loving, the Most Affectionate, the Loving-Kindness, and deserving of the utmost love from human beings and the One who is the goal of the highest love. God is Loving and the Beloved yet God doesn't need us.

    God is indeed All-Knowing, and well aware of all things...has knowledge of all things that take place which does make Him Omniscient.

    God is truly Omnipotent, God is Almighty.

    God is Al-Jabbar, the Irresistible, the Subduer, the Restorer, the Repairer, the All-Compelling.

    The One who irresistibly restores all of creation to soundness and sufficiency. The One who repairs, reforms and completes. The One who irresistibly compels things to be set aright.

    The One who compels each and every thing according to divine will, yet is never compelled.

    God is Al-Qahhār, The Conqueror, The Prevailer. The One who prevails over all of creation. The One who overcomes all obstacles.

    The One who is victorious over any opposition. The One whose will is irresistible.

    The One who is dominant. The Ever-Dominating One. The One who is master of all. The One to whom all submit.

    Thirdly, even if you didn't believe in God's Perfect Attributes doesn't mean that the Existence of God is non-existent. That is not a good argument and doesn't prove anything.

    In fact, One of the Beautiful Names of God, Al-Awwal, The One who is the first, the beginning, the foremost. The Prior-Existing One who existed before all of creation.

    The One who was before any thing or any being. The One who is the cause of all the worlds.

    God is also Al-Baqi, The Everlasting, The Eternal, The Ever-Enduring, The Ever-Present.

    The One who has always existed and who will never cease to be. The One whose existence has neither beginning nor end. The One whose existence is beyond the realm of time.

    The One who existed before all of creation, and who will remain after all of this creation has come and gone.

    The One who is everlasting, perpetual, beginning-less, endless. The One whose existence is eternal. The One who remains forever, unaffected by time.

    As well as, Al-Akir, The Last, The End and The Ultimate

    The One who remains after all of creation has passed away.

    The One who is the last, the conclusion, the ultimate.

    The One who is behind all of creation. The One beyond whom there is nothing.

    So whatever imperfection or non-existence you are trying to imply, isn't there. God is NOT imperfect and His Existence is superior to yours and your existence is dependent on God's Existence.

    Finally, why God allows evil? God is Most Wise with all His decisions and His will. His creatures are to blame for all the evil they commit, nobody made anyone to commit evil deeds and God gave freewill, the choice to do good for His sake or do evil and follow the devil instead if they wish.

    Although, my Lord always encourages those He gave freewill to come back to Him willingly and to repent of their evil deeds sincerely and God truly always nourishing the human soul, reminding the human soul why we shouldn't follow the devil.

    My Lord Allah, said: "My creation, Satan wants to take you away from Me but don't go. This is a lifelong struggle between you two. He will pull you towards evil, but you should go towards righteousness."

    God already has a perfect creation without freewill which are His angels and God doesn't want another creation without freewill and doesn't want humans to be perfect. Whatever His angels do, they are doing for God and their work is constant, steady while humans are not constant because we have freewill, our faith fluctuates as well and the devil is a factor and some kind of challenge while the devil chose to disobey God and wishes to inflict confusion, heedlessness, etc against man where we make our own choices, with our own freewill to go towards God than evil and seek refuge in God from the accursed devil or follow our own desires instead. There is a balance in everything.

    God wants us to be stronger than satan and always fighting and always towards Him. Without these adjustments and freewill from God, it would be boring and would be ineffective because mankind wishes to attain some kind of achievement. And because God measures everything.

    God will raise us, raise our ranking if we are striving for sake of God sincerely and seeking Him to give us higher ranking and great success in the end.

    Furthermore, God is ever-present more than ever and nearer to us than anyone else and clearly said:

    "We indeed created man; and We know what his soul whispers within him, and We are nearer to him than the jugular vein." - 50:16

  • Paul
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    4 weeks ago

    Because His great love caused Him to give us the incredible gift of free will, rather than creating us as pre-programmed robots who could do only His will.

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    In His wisdom, God created us to make it a choice to love Him, even when things are bad. If life was nothing but good and easy for us, we would naturally love Him, but if things are tough, we would have to choose to love Him in spite of our personal difficulties.

  • God's attributes are Power, Justice, Wisdom, and Love. The Bible says that God is love.

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    Why do Athee-evoes always blame their Creator Jehovah for their own actions that ruined paradise?

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    b, God is just nature and the universe. even though it is indifferent to human suffering, it is still admirable and respectable with reverence.

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