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Diet and adderall?

Help!Yes, i will speak to my doctor about this next week. But I would like to know what others think? I want to loose weight. But I am using adderall. If I do not eat before taking adderall, I feel so sick and my head hurts constantly. So I usually have to have big meals with alot of carbs and oil. Off adderall id usually get full with a cup of rice and chicken breast. On adderall I literally have to eat 3 cups of rice and two chicken breast to not feel sick. Its just an example. How should I diet on adderall ? I know some use adderall as a form of weight loss. It suppresses my appetite but it makes me feel sick. So I have to eat alot more then usual. So I dont get how others use it as weightloss. I have to be on it for the time being since Im in college and have no time to practice treating my ADD with regular meditation. Help!

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    years of Adderall use will suck the calcium out of your teeth and bones . by 35 your teeth will fall out and a minor fall will crack your bones .

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