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Booty workout plan?

So I signed up for a gym because I want to improve my booty/hips/thighs. I like my body very much but I would love if I could build and smooth out those areas more. I’ve never gone to a gym on my own though so I’m looking for tips on different workouts that might be good for a beginner? I do want to add I know weight lifting is one of the best ways to work on my targeted areas but I have INCREDIBLY weak arms so I’m trying to stay away from weight lifting that involves a lot of arm/shoulder work. 

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    Most gyms will provide you will a staff member who will show you how to workout and provide a workout program for you. Don't shy away from weights.  If your upper body is weak, you want to address that before it becomes a health problem. You can do exercises with no weights, light weights (1-2 pounds), bands, or heavier weights.  For example, start with one wall push-up, add another the next day.  Work up slowly.  When you can do ten, starting doing floor push-ups from your knees.  If you get to the point that you can do ten perfect knee push-up, you can try a full push-up.

    Look online for videos or printouts of exercises -- but don't just focus on one or two areas.  You will look and feel better when you're developing strength and tone all over.

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    There are many videos that are on Youtube of girls doing exercises just to firm and strengthen the booty. Here is just one of them.


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    This gym will have some kind of a trainer you can work with... And that person's going to tell you not to be so obsessed with your butt that you don't get a complete workout. Like it or not your upper half exists too and if you only train one set of muscles it'll cause all kind of problems (and I don't mean just not looking good in a tight dress). Your body works best in symmetry with itself so you can't ignore most of it and hope for a good result.

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