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If you believe in God for real doesn't your life get worse and worse?

Are Christians persecuted by people around them, is the hatred Jesus spoke of real, does satan attack through others? If so (and Jesus said the world would hate you, that's in the bible) why do prosperity gospel ministers claim God is going to bless you? 

How do they contradict the bible so openly? Yes this is more than one question. I see no justification for living a worldly life using God to get what you want. When Jesus' life seems to speak to some hardship and persecution that his apostles suffered during and after his death. 


Your answer was truly honest so I picked it. But to me the fate that Jesus met is proof of his great love for people, and the real love is hated by this world. I see it not as a warning but as the way to find eternal life in heaven. With Jesus. What we go through is worth it if we are by his side. Thanks to all for answering. 

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    I'm not much of a believer myself but I have noticed that those who genuinely try to be Christ-like end up suffering a similar fate as Jesus, betrayed by friends, family, and the very people they were trying to help. I see the bible as a warning to not follow in his footsteps. I don't understand why people think the bible encourages such selfless behavior. If you want to live like Jesus prepare to be crucified like him too.

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    Yep it gets worse and worse over time. You become hatred towards others, have a craving for eating babies, and start hating other religions.

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    If **** happens there is always a spell to fix it. I know cos I'm a witch.

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    NO. I do believe in God and have God's guidance. I swear to God, my life is much better and gets better because of the connection and the bond I have with God. Even in difficulty, its even better with God. And the Prophet-messiah Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him, is NOT my Lord. My Lord is the Creator of Prophet-messiah Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. My Lord is of the Heavens & the Earth and I am pleased with my Lord that He is my Lord.

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    I don't think it gets worse but I definitely felt a freedom after I admitted to myself I didn't believe. Not everything was a sin all of a sudden and I could have the friend's I wanted. Do the things I wanted to do, without fearing Hell as a consequence. Of course, the only people theist's hate more than atheist's is those who turned away from God. We are big betrayers.

  • God blesses his worshippers with spiritual truths and he blesses his people with the hope that even if they die for his name sake, he will see that we are resurrected to life in paradise. He who endures to the end will be saved.

  • Atheists can ATTACK me for I will NEVER abandon my faith.

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    True, but a lot of people have their own 'cross' to carry. Everyone carries hurt and burdens throughout their entire lives. Now you don't have to be 100% a believer, but the nice thing about the bible is that everything has room for open interpretation. When you read a sentence it could have a specific meaning to you and a completely different meaning to someone else. Ministers are human beings that are flawed just like everyone else.

    Christians were persecuted for almost 400 years before Christianity became adopted by the Roman Empire. When you read about these people you have to realize that it was a product of their times. The message was written in the past but a lot of the problems people faced then are not that different today. People have a lot of hurting physically, mentally, and spiritually. Suffering is something that makes us human, but through suffering we can learn to grow stronger and move past it. The suffering of others should inspire us to do and live our lives better. 

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    Life is hard enough without adding some imaginary bullsh!t to it all.

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