Dream about my 1st high school lover mother talking to me?

I had a dream about my big 1st school lover. We broke up when he went to university and i was still in Gr9. I have never met his mother she died of cancer before we met. Years past and i got married and him as well but he got divorced few years later. I saw him one day at a rugby game and he greeted me but it didn t bother me. A few weeks later i got this dream of a lady telling me she is my ex mother, but my ex and his suster is standing next to her. And in the dream she took my hand gently and invited me to take a seat next to her. She kept on telling me that her son loves me and that we need to try again. But the more i told her that n i can t I m married now the more she begged. The day after that i made contact with my ex for the 1st time in 9 years to ask him what hes mother looked like and the way he explained was spot on.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Knowing the children makes guessing what the Mom looks like a whole lot easier, and that is what your subconscious did. Did you tell your ex the entire dream? I didn't think so. Seeing your ex just brought back memories of wanting to be together despite the valid arguments against it. Your subconscious often illustrates the internal arguments/frustrations you feel in your waking life in your dreams. That doesn't mean they are prophetic, just that there is still a part of you that misses that relationship.

  • paul
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    3 weeks ago

    a dream is a dream , nothing more

  • 3 weeks ago

    Will you please ask a question?

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