Do men usually get upset when they get rejected?

Even if the woman rejected him nicely, do men usually become upset and rude to the woman afterwards?

I have heard of cases where men even attacked the woman for rejecting him.

I know in Canada, men are not usually entitled this way, but are they in the United States?

If so, what gives these American guys the right to think they own women?

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  • Pyrus
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    4 weeks ago
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    Do they get upset? Yes, of course. It's natural to feel that way. Do they become rude towards the woman? Not necessarily, no. I was rejected a few times. It does hurt, but that is no excuse to be rude to them all of the sudden. My approach towards women is that I have to get to know them well first, and after realizing how amazing they really are, it's like all the gaps that I saw when I first met her are just gone, and suddenly I'm staring at this perfect girl and possible soulmate. Of course, this takes time, I don't just feel that way all of the sudden. Anyway, when I did confess my feelings, they were so flattered, but they did say that they weren't interested. Of course it does hurt, because it's all those feelings that are yearning for something more than a friendship are suddenly turned down. Here comes the part of how good your friendship is with them. It can't be TOO good, and it can't be just over acquaintance either. There is a line between the two where it doesn't jeopardize your friendship and it allows for a "safe fall" from those emotions after getting turned down. I am still friends with these people, and I still talk to them, and I'm very happy for them now that they are in a relationship (some even married already). Looking back, I ask myself: What kind of horrible person would I have been if I were to be very rude to these women after turning me down? It certainly would have shown me that I didn't really love them to begin with... which actually is the hardest part, because it would mean that I have to keep them free out of love for them no matter how much it stings. And thus, I slowly moved on.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Women like you get upset.

  • rick
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    4 weeks ago

    I'm sure it's happened, but I can't think or a time when a woman rejected a man nicely. It seems they must include some insult and public ridicule.

    Source(s): Class of 1954
  • 4 weeks ago

    Yeah as well as women.Back in high school I rejected a girl once and she started crying. She even tried to get some of her friends to harass me.

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  • martin
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    4 weeks ago

    Of course men don't own women and they have no right to attack women. In the more macho cultures, attacks by men on women who reject them are common and end in the man doing time in jail. Other cultures have men who are psychologically unbalanced, drunk, or on drugs, who would do this and end up in jail as well.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You are talking about something that is a character flaw and has absolutely nothing to do with nationality.

    • David B.
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      4 weeks agoReport

      Alternative Asker; I don't think so. But like most things in life humans seem to remember the negative behavior shown to them rather than the positive. Just ask anyone that has worked in retail. They will always remember bad customers but rarely the nice ones.

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