Why do high quality wines get you so drunk?

I can down a large 12% bottle of some Barefoot wine and not even feel buzzed. My wife and I bought a $70 bottle of German riesling at a nice restaurant and were completely toasted. What's the difference?

1 Answer

  • Nancy
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    Better wines have been aged. Aged wines have higher alcohol content because the alcohol in wine increases over time.  A bottle of Barefoot you buy today is probably a 2018 or 2019.  

    It surprises me you spent that much on a bottle of Riesling, though.  Riesling is a table wine, a wine that isn't typically aged or at all expensive, not that $70 is especially expensive, but it's more expensive than any bottle of Riesling I've ever seen before.  Still, if you spent that much on it, it was likely aged and dry, giving it a higher alcohol content and a stronger effervescence.   

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