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How come my USB 3.0 port reads usb devices like keyboards, gamepads,cameras etc but only reads USB 3.0 flash drive?

For some reason any usb flash storage device that is of the 2.0 standard. Be it. Hard drive thumbstick smartphone mtp storage won't be detected by my laptop unless it's a 3.0 drive. With that said though other devices and peripherals that have 2.0 connecters will work just this some circuit overload or merely a driver issue?

I own an Asus ROG GL 502VM if that helps.

Oh and it's running Windows 10 home btw

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  • windows 10 is a virus. Download nix and it will work perfectly

  • VP
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    2 months ago

    I took a look at the User Manual for your laptop and it shows 3 version 3 USB ports. If you've tested all 3 USB ports and they've ALL failed to see your 2.0 attachments then I'll say that there's either a driver or motherboard issue. Your manual clearly states that the USB ports are backward-compatible with v2 attachments.

    Your choices are:

    - Buy v3 USB drives from now on

    - Work with the vendor to resolve (Warranty Service?)

    - Work with a knowledgable local repair store (not likely if it's mobo-related)

    - Resolve it on your own

    Random Thoughts:

    - Hop into your BIOS settings and roam around looking for any USB port-related settings. See if there's anything regarding v2.0 compatibility.

    - Have you checked that your USB v2 drives work in OTHER laptops/desktops?

    - Visit your vendor's website and make sure you're running the latest BIOS and drivers for Windows 10.

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