Did I catch my husband "taking care of himself" this morning?

My husband has sleeping issues and is on medication to help him stay sleep during the night. A few days ago he ran out of his medication because the doctor forgot to call in his refill. Last night we went to bed but he was back up tossing and turning about 1 AM. He gets up and decides to go take a shower. Then he goes and lays on the sofa. This morning when I went into the bathroom I noticed an empty bottle of lotion in the trash and when I questioned him about why he shut the bedroom door to take a shower he said that he didn't want to disturb me at 1 AM. When I asked him why the lotion was in the trash he said that because it was empty and he didn't understand why no one had thrown it away yet. I looked at him and suggested that maybe he was doing something else in the bathroom, hence the reason he shut the door. He got furious and accused me of always trying to find something where there is nothing. He said he couldn't sleep without his medication so he got up. Yes, he threw the EMPTY lotion bottle away but that's all he said he did. Should I believe him?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    I don't know but what would you say if he crawled into the bed with you at 1 o'clock and wanted to have sex? Get away from me or bring it on? No you didn't catch him, if you had he would've had his penis in his hand or semen dripping into the commode or running in the tub. Either way it is no big deal unless you wanted it between your thighs.

  • 2 weeks ago

    LEAVE HIM TO IT.. MASTERBATION IS NORMAL... LET HIM WHACK IT as MUCH AS HE WANTS TO.. How about you instead of being here complaining about it just take care of him more often and Use your lips and LUBED HAND more to give him a HAND...

    Tell him you want to help him sleep better and relieve his stress and he can do the same for you .. THAT IS IF YOUR NOT SUCH A PRUDE you think sex can only be done with Vaggi Penetration... PLAY GAMES AND MAKE UP GAMES TO PLAY WITH HIM..

  • Cousin
    Lv 6
    2 weeks ago

    Marriage, theoretically at least, is supposed to be for the long haul. It is not going to be a success if two people do not give each other any space at all, which is why most modern marriages fail. Marriage is not supposed to be signing on to have a monkey on your back. You are acting like a policeman in residence giving your husband grief, monitoring and micro-managing his every little move. He cannot even take a long crap or waste a few extra minutes in the bathroom, maybe pick his nose or whatever, without having to account for every second even in there, and explaining himself to you, and standing trial for an accusation of masturbation. He would be better off becoming a widower as soon as possible and starting with a fresh new bride, who has some class and decency and is not a crude, filthy-mouthed nag like you are.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Who cares what he did or why? What was with the third degree anyway? Are you upset that he may have whacked off and not included you as a target?

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  • Aslam
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    2 weeks ago

    Yes, you caught your husband wacking his d0ng.

    BTW, if I was your unfortunate husband... I'd rather wack my d0ng than have sex with you (because you sound like a *****).

    Do you notice a pattern here?

  • 3 weeks ago

    From a guy to a girl, The girl in my experience needs to be primed 99% of the time and the guy just needs to think of something or someone sexy and is ready. Sad to say. 

    Source(s): From a guy to a girl, The girl in my experience needs to be primed 99% of the time and the guy just needs to think of something or someone sexy and is ready. Sad to say.
  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    It's not entirely uncommon for men having trouble getting to sleep to forgo sleeping-pills & just opt for a more natural sleep-aid,,loosely translated, shooting a quick wad into the toilet or washing it down a shower-drain,,

    As apposed to waking up his wife in the middle of the night for a Quickie , witch once the Honeymoon is over typically has a way of getting responded to with all the enthusiasm one can expect if she were awakened with a Raunchy Corned Beef & Cabbage Fart.

    So what if he did,,?

    He SAID that he DIDN'T

    So , your not only accusing him of something he says he didn't do,

    adding insult to injury you're even calling him a liar & going to YA about it to see if you can get anyone to agree with you.

    BTW, Guys that 'Take Care of Themselves' in the middle of the night as a natural sleep-aid don't always use lotion.

    Wow! you actually went-after your Husband playing TV- Detective with flimsy circumstantial evidence & pop-quiz trick-questions interrogating him like a frkn suspect over an empty lotion bottle in the frkn Trash?

    Hellooooo! Your out-o-your frkn Mind!

    You actually tried to bust a grown man's balls with a bi*chy inquisition about an empty Lotion Bottle!

    What kind of people actually LOOK at stuff in the trash,,What's up with That?,,,

    OMG I'm suddenly hit with a FlashBack of my Psycho-Mumzy From Hell bursting in on my nap-time with a kitchen-knife when I was only three & threatening to chop off my little erect pecker if I didn't stop playing with it!

    So,,WTF would it matter if he actually DID use the last of the lotion to masturbate & threw away the empty bottle?

    Is that really what you wanted him to say?

    Oh yes, of course,,it's the "Principle" right!?!,, maybe he lied & maybe he didn't...

    After all,, it's a well known fact of life, far-removed from birds & bees & cabbage-leaves,

    that the leading cause of Divorce is Men that Masturbate & Lie about it to their wives when Marriages would work-out SO much better if only Men weren't such lying pigs about it!

    He's right,, your a Nag,,among other things..

    especially since the man can't even close a bathroom door without getting the frkn 3rd degree.

    No wonder he has sleeping issues!

    So if you actually think your husband is Guilty of some kind-of ethics violation for being less than forthcoming about a possible elicit affair he may or may-not'v had with a bottle of lotion,,

    Ha!,, then by all means,,be sure to detail that in your Divorce Petition.

    But if you happen to have any Sons, don't be surprised when the Court sends them to live with their Dad so they won't end-up as warped as their Mom!

  • 3 weeks ago

    He’s an asshole! Give him to me, I date married men ☺️

  • Bee V2
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    I don't think it's that big of a deal. He did seem to get defensive about it, maybe because of the way you approached it as if you were mad or as if theres something wrong with pleasuring yourself. Which there isnt, so let him be

  • 3 weeks ago

    why the hell does it even matter to you?

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