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Help me determine if I’m pregnant! ?

My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for about a year now. We are not trying to get pregnant but we know unprotected sex leads to the possibility of pregnancy & we’re ok with that. This month was the first month I’ve ever missed my period. I’m now a week late, so I decided to test. In the picture provided, you can clearly see the faint line on the right (afternoon pee) but it seems like with my morning pee, the test is completely NEGATIVE. 

I am having nearly allllll the pregnancy symptoms and absolutely feel like I could be. I’m just super confused! Maybe there’s still a line in both images?? I may be going insane?

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  • MissA
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    4 weeks ago

    Both of those are "negative" test results.

    • olivia4 weeks agoReport

      Got bloodwork done today, and I am in fact pregnant! The pictures aren’t very good, so I agree that they very much look negative! Thanks

  • 4 weeks ago

    You may want to think about seeing a doctor if the symptoms continue. I would not rush going to the doctor though, but be careful for what you do in case you do have a beautiful child in there. Best of luck!

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