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I am so stressed ?

Hi everyone, I am trying to see how to help my situation. My husband gets angry and keeps malice for days and weeks over very simple things. E.g. I was driving the other day and I switched lane crossing the solid white line because I was about to enter the wrong exit. My husband gets angry and argue. I apologized and went on. Normally he always try to find small issues and corrects me because he is the know it all type to be honest. Sometimes I'll be driving and he shouted oh my God and I'm like what now and he says just kidding while laughing. Last Sunday we were going to church and he switched over a no crossing point at the very last minute and cut someone off so I was just joking back with him and I said oh my God in his voice. He flipped out completely saying that was childish of me. Since then, he has been keeping malice. I am so tired of this and I feel like this is lack of maturity in him. When we got home from church I tried to apologize and talk to him but he doesn't want to talk to me. I notice that he likes to be upset, angry and keeps malice (not just with me). He always finds something to keep a long malice for every month. How do I handle this situation?

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    You two need to either get a driver or start taking Uber. Or better yet get a self driving Tesla so you can just relax and enjoy the ride.

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    "How do I handle this situation?"

    Let him carry on, but refuse to play his game. Instead of keeping apologizing, just talk to him as if his mood wasn't a thing. Like if he refuses to answer a question act as if he has - in whichever direction you'd want it to. Then he can either accept that or actually talk to you. Break the impasse. When he sulks, point out that IS what he is doing. Challenge his bad behaviours, pointing out he wouldn't allow you to do the same.

    Giving in means the game goes on - for a month if he feels like it.

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