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My Dad lies so frequently. Does this make him a chronic liar or a pathological liar?

He makes promises and always breaks them. I have heard the expression "pathological liar" and I don't think my Dad intends to break these promises when he makes them but he makes them WAY TOO frequently.

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    Dear child, people lie for one of three reasons:

    1) Because they care what you think about them.

    2) To cover their butts.

    3) A combination of one and two.

    His intentions may be good at the time he makes the promise, but then exhaustion kicks in and he can't fulfill them.

    If I say 'I'll take you for icecream'. I'm telling you what I intend to do.

    The words 'I promise you, I'll take you for icecream.' are suspect; they indicate there are TWO levels of truth... as if saying 'I'll take you for icecream' isn't enough.

    It's not loving to allow your father to continue to make you false promises. Go to him with these words...

    "Have you considered how it makes me feel when..... ?"

    "Dad, please help me to understand how..... "

    Give him your problem to solve.

    Put yourself in his place and try to see where he's coming from. Your father likely loves you more than anyone on the planet. Nevertheless, we are all a mixed bag of evil and of good... and you should never rely on circustances or other people to determine your level of happiness.

    To be content, you should be focused on the well-being of others, not yourself. If your father is hungry, get him something to eat. If your father is thirsty, get him a drink. Give him hugs every day. Help him carry his burdens. In doing so, by modelling what it is to be loving.... he should pick up on what you need too.

    Self-concern is crippling and can easily turn into morbid self-obsession. Get your mind off you and be good to your parents. God promises to reward you if you honor them.

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    He's a chronic liar.

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