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What is the best wat to Lose belly fat?


What is the best way to lose belly Fat?

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    Eat less.  Try a keto or paleo diet the improves your gut health and decreasing fat storage, and exercise; both cardio and toning.

    You can't spot reduce unless you get a cosmetic procedure like liposuction.  You can provide the environment where your body needs to burn stored fat by creating a calorie deficit.  Your body will take fat from wherever there is fat -- including your tummy.  Fat loss is 80% diet.

    Aerobic or cardio exercise increases your bodies calorie use, so it is a good what to burn a few extra calories.  That doesn't mean that your body will burn bell fat.  If you already eating enough to fuel your cells, you won't lose weight just by exercises.

    To have a flat stomach you have to have strong core/ab muscles.  There are dozens of ab or core exercises and workouts.  Do them.  (planks, crunches, leg lifts, V-ups, sit-ups, Russian twists, "windshields wipers," etc.  

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    Exercise is important. but most important is to restrict calories. Create a meal plan that results in a 200 - 300 calorie deficit a day. Any exercise is good but there is some evidence that a longer less intense workout might be better than a shorter intense workout. Increase the fiber in your diet. Stop smoking. Stop drinking. 

    Belly fat is going to be about the last place on your body to lose fat so plan on it taking a long time. weigh yourself every morning and once a week use a tape measure. Not just on your waist but check out your thighs too. As long as the scale and tape are showing progress you are making progress. If you aren't making progress you need to pay more attention to your calories. 

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    Diet and exercise.

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    Exercise, Lot of Water

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    Diet and exercise, and lay off the carbs.

    Sit ups and crunches are great ways to trim belly fat.

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