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If EU grants more delay and Boris Johnson announces General Election,?

is there any way pro-remain MPs and electorate seize control of the process?

Most of the people now don't want Brexit at all. Especially millennials and GenZ.

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    The government has made it quite clear the UK isnt a democracy through years of delaying tactics, they have zero intention of respecting the vote and will do what they like as always, all that's left is a cult of personality where idiots vote which set of criminals they want to rule over them, people have no say in anything beyond that, what people don't realise is they're all on the same team and will do pretty much the same thing, the royals are part of this team as well, well more servants to them, UK is a dictatorship, yeah you might be able to say what you think on an obscure internet board but the moment you become relevant they destroy you, think Nick griffin.

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    3 weeks ago

    If Labour won an election, there would probably be a new referendum; depending on them having a majority.

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