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What does she think of me?

’ve recently started interacting more with a girl in my office. We and a few other coworkers spend a lot of time going back and forth talking at work and on the phone outside the office. I noticed that she always seems to direct the conversation towards me, and tends to ignore the other people involved in the conversation, and is always laughing at my “jokes”. Apparently she has even shared these conversations with other coworkers in our office as someone brought it up to me recently. She’s insisted on following each other on social media and always seems to be looking at my posts. However when we are at work she seems more reserved. Even avoiding eye contact and suddenly becoming quiet when she notices I’m around. She also brings up her dating life and how she’s struggled to find interest in guys she’s gone out with. I’m really just wondering what she thinks of me because at least for me it’s hard to gauge how she feels. 

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