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Should we seek help? ?

For the past few days my mom has done some crazy stuff. It started when she picked me up from work and someone approached her car and said she had a rock or nail on her tire. She claimed that this person was trying to lure her out and attack her or kidnap my son who was in the backseat. She went off about this man for 3 days then actually found a rock in her tire then tried changing the story around once she realized that she was wrong. Just a few hours ago she was looking for her keys and it turns out that she left them in the ignition and the car was running for hours to the point where it died and someone had to come fix it. My siblings and I are concerned.

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    So maybe your mother is under some stress or is not well so discuss with her about having a health check up at her doctors

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    Maybe schizophrenia. It can happen these days with all the toxins and radiation.

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