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Instead of having socialized police and fire departments why don't we completely privatize them and have them paid for by private insurance ?

And instead of having socialism pay for our roads and schools. We can privatize them and have people pay out of pocket to use roads or send their children to school 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You can hire them privately.

  • Ramona
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    4 weeks ago

    First of all, it's the law for the police to protect and serve, it's the law to put out fires to save, educating your children is the law. Not everyone can afford to pay out of pocket for these things which it will cost every household if these organizations go private. Insurance only involves itself in a healthy organization that can support it's self financially. Insurance is only for disasters.

    What will happen if everyone has to pay for this individually? The poor will go uneducated because they can't afford to pay. The children of today are our futures, they will find cures for cancer, they will become the doctors that save us, the list goes on. No education means we will have a future of homeless issues, and the state will have to supplement these kids turned adults', income.

    Crime will grow increasingly because very little people will pay for the police to work on protecting us. Criminals will take advantage of knowing that if they rob a jewelry store, there will be no one to stop them. Businesses will stop putting up shops and our economy will go down.

    There are fires every day MANY times a day. If no one is there to put the fires out, they'll let them burn or spread. What about forest fires, so we are just to let the fires burn down our fuel source, our source of oxygen, our source of shelter material?

    These organizations can not be run by individuals because they are worth their weight in gold, we need these organizations to survive. The cost is too steep to privatize.

    • lilipop4 weeks agoReport

      This is actually well said. It would be a devastation if we put all these organizations on the back burner as they would if the state left it up to us to pay for these important needs.

  • I saw a video from the 50's today that claimed capitalism would make everyone rich over the next decades and people would be living more and more luxurious lives. It claimed that socialism was evil and would concentrate wealth into only a few people. Didn't predict that one very well...

  • 4 weeks ago

    It's interesting how conservatives think that popularity is a more perverse incentive than money. Like making it profitable to arrest people and use them for slave labor. Letting *gasp* Hillary Clinton have her own police jurisdiction. Negotiating prices for fire services while your house is burning down.

    I mean, why not, right? Those are all smart business decisions.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If we did that, the government would need to also remove the tax value that people are paying which today props up such services.

    You see this is the one thing NO government has ever does when privatizing a public service. In a sense every time they have privatized a service that is a massive tax hike with out raising tax by a cent.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    There are many private security companies that provide services to protect certain places for a fee . .I think u can count that as a private police ..also there are many private schools that people pay for public government owned schools are too dirty and full of thugs .. I wouldn't send my kids there even if they pay me..also u DO pay for using roads owned by the government..I think u never gone through a toll booth while traveling before ?

  • 4 weeks ago

    Really that's so insane I can't believe it

    • lilipop4 weeks agoReport

      It's just not possible to do this. We'd all be in trouble.

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