When someone tells me they have to go, I say something back like,``Well I have to go work on my documentary. We'll talk later. Is this okay?

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    4 weeks ago
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    I don't think so. It sounds like you are taking their statement as a rejection, so you quickly make up your own excuse to leave them as a counteraction to their perceived rejection. You may need to change the way you perceive things, just because someone says that they 'have to go' doesn't mean that they didn't enjoy talking with you or that you are not important - people cannot talk with you forever, conversations are meant to come to an end sometime. The important thing is to watch for body cues that tells you when a person wants to leave to do other things or when the conversation is losing its appeal and be prepared to end it or at least be very accepting when others end it.

    • On my job when someone said,``Eugene I have to go. Have a nice weekend.'' I said,``Well I have to play banjo at church on Sunday. Wish me luck.''

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    Is it okay?? Okay with whom? What do you mean "okay"?

  • 4 weeks ago

    Not really

    you sound pretentious

    if you had to go scrub the toilet, would you say that? No you wouldnt, you would do the same as millions of others and say "yes i need to get on too, speak to you later"

    It is only because you think its an impressive thing to say, that you say it

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