Why did my ex have to laugh at me?

He broke up with me yesterday asking to break on good terms. He said we can still be friends (or FWBs if I want to)....but of course I said no....and he tried to give me a hug too. Since then, he wouldn't reply to texts/calls. Then today, I bumped into him at the university cafeteria, and I asked if we could talk but he told me to leave him alone. He was like "you're f ucked", "do you want to make a scene", "I dumped you" in front of his friends and he even laughed at something his friend said. Why is he acting like this?

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  • Ana
    Lv 5
    4 weeks ago
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    Because 1) he’s a jerk, 2) he felt offended you didn’t wanna be FWB’s but I don’t blame you for not wanting that.

    Move on and stop stupidly liking guys who are jerks, duh. Be smart. Be intelligent. Right now you’re not being intelligent.

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