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Is it ever okay to be in a affair or in a relationship with someone married?

Even if two love each other, and the marriage is no longer involved and they practically separated but still in the same house. And it's a genuine loving relationship. And not hurting anyone because no one knows. Is it really that wrong?

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  • kristy
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    4 weeks ago
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    I don’t see anything wrong with it

  • Suzy Q
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    4 weeks ago

    It's not hurting anyone because no one knows? So it WILL hurt someone when they find out?

    I think you know what that means. If it were okay, the two of you wouldn't need to keep it a secret. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    "practically separated" is NOT actually separated.

    How do you know the marriage is no longer "involved"? By the person who wanted the affair, no doubt.

    Still living in the same house? Then chances are there is still some "involvement" going on.

    And you think its not hurting anyone? Chances are the one IN the marriage hasn't actually told the other that YOU are a factor in their relationship. Want to know why? Because they are HAPPY with the status quo - married with a side piece. Chances are also that person IS going to be hurt when the TRUTH comes out.

    Real love? Then it will last til the person has actually gotten the divorce. After all, its all over bar the paperwork, right? So what's stopping them from filing that paperwork? Excuses, that's what.

  • 4 weeks ago

    No one knows - is a certain sign that everything about this is wrong. Healthy relationships are open enough for everyone to know of your interest in each other. Especially close friends and loved ones. You are being used for money or pleasure - but it is not love.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If you have to ask then its wrong, if you truly believed what you are doing is right, you wouldn't have any doubts. Also, if you both truly loved each other, then he would divorce his wife (not seperate, but divorce), move out, and be with you.

  • mokrie
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes it is wrong. If he loved you that much he wouldn't still be living with his wife. Until he's divorced your his whore on the side.

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