connected Epson all in one keep having to reboot modem phone has no dial tone and no line?

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    The printer should be connected via either Ethernet or WiFi to your home router.

    Or directly via USB to a computer, depending on the setup.

    None of those connections can affect the phone line itself in any way. If the printer is messing up the phone line, you have something connected wrong.

    If it's also a fax machine, then it will have a separate cable to connect to a telephone socket. That connection _must_ be made via a DSL filter if you have DSL/ADSL internet.

    Without a filter, the DSL signal can be shorted out by the fax device, or it could even damage crash or damage the machine.

    If you do not use the fax facility, you do not need to connect that, just use the printer.

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