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British people what do you know of Ireland culture politics and history?

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  • boris
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    10 months ago

    You already asked this.



    Corned beef and cabbage.

    Potato famine.

    White slavery.

    Rover dance.

    Stubborn Irish.

    Fighting Irish.

    Gangs of new york.

    Far and away.

    Boondock saints.


    St Patrick's day.


    Celtic music.

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    Didn't you like the last answer you picked

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    Lucky Charms. 4 leaf clovers kill Leprechauns. Catholics. St. Patrick's day is when the supermarkets sell corned beef for cheap. 😄 They drink a lot. Have the worst tempers. Majority of Americans have German or Irish blood.

    All I know.

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    The Irish are our closest neighbours and have been integrated into British society and culture for centuries . We know a great deal of their culture, politics and history as many of us have Irish roots, friends and family.

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