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I was told a few years ago I had IBS, suffer a lot daily but was told Monday I had UTI-the pain is worse- fearing Ovarian cancer ? ?

I’m very concerned, Sunday I woke up with real discomfort in my abdomen and with pressure in my lower abdomen/bladder which was there all day- I had to sleep but I am still able to eat lots  .. monday the same again but with nausea, I saw a doctor who felt my stomach and told me it’s likely a UTI, she found protein in my urine and told me she wanted to send it off for testing as ‘there are things in there that shouldn’t be there’. She gave me antiobiotics which I’ve been taking for two days now and I don’t seem to be having much improvement. I seem to be going to sleep and waking up bloated. And I have urges to pee but I have NO stinging or burning. 

I’ve been told for the last 6-7 years I’ve got IBS- I suffer with low back pain, pelvic pain and stomach pain.. And the obvious constipation but with the last few days is it just cystitis and ibs playing me together or could it be more.?? I did notice too in the last week or two my bowel habits changed, for someone with IBS, I only go 2/3 times a week- but then suddenly it was over twice a day?!?? Now I seem to be constipated again it’s up and down

I’m really worried about ovarian cancer as I seem to have all the symptoms apart from weight loss and loss of appetite (can urine detect it)? The fact my bloating is constant is worrying and the pain going through my tummy & uterus -I’m only 22. I really hope it’s nothing more and that the tablets start to kick in soon- (they’re a weeks worth) 

Any advice would be appreciated thanks

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